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DAF Gearboxes


DAF Gearboxes

ZTB offer a wide range of truck differentials including DAF Gearboxes.

Our wide range of truck gearboxes covers all DAF Trucks, with gearboxes available either on service exchange or customer unit repair bases.

12 month warranty on all DAF gearboxes.

Our extensive range of modern workshops and storage areas includes a fully equipped fitting bay for top quality gearbox fitting, if required.


DAF gearbox models

Eaton 6109 9 Speed Gearbox c/w Range
Eaton 8209 9 Speed Gearbox c/w Range
Eaton 8309 9 Speed Gearbox c/w Range
Eaton RT 11600 Series 9 Speed Gearbox c/w Range. e.g. RTX11609
Eaton TS Series 12 Speed with Twin Splitter.(All Models) e.g.TSO11612
ZF S5 Series 5 Speed Gearbox.(All Models) e.g. S5.42
ZF 6s Series 6 Speed Gearbox.(All Models) e.g. 6S.850
ZF 8s Series 8 Speed c/w Range.(All Models) e.g. 8S.151
ZF 9s Series 9 Speed c/w Range.(All Models) e.g. 9S.75
ZF 16s Series 16 Speed c/w Range & Splitter.(All Models) e.g. 16S181
ZF 12as Series 12 Speed AS-Tronic Gearbox
DAF 85
DAF 95


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